Sightseeing & Tours – Dumaguete – Negros Oriental

Your stay in Dumaguete would not be complete without some sightseeing & tours of the great surroundings of Bacong, Dumaguete and the whole region of Negros Oriental. Sightseeing

So if you want to visit any of the out of the way places our new modern Mitsubishi Strada will get you anywhere in air conditioned comfort, we have a large locked storage box for all your kit or drinks etc. We can pick you up from the airport or hotel so there is no need to worry about anything. We can also offer a packed lunch on our sightseeing & tours packages for P350 pp on request.

sightseeing & tours - Casaroro Falls

We can take you to various locations around the Negros Oriental area or if you have anything in mind please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Tour 1: Waterfalls

Some great places for sightseeing & tours are Casaroro Falls, Forest Camp and Valencia Steam Vents in around half day depending on time spent at each location. At Casaroro Falls we will get you up to the top of the rocky road but the 350 steps up and down are all yours on foot!!!

Tour 2: Twin Lakes

The National park is a 10km drive up a rocky road but well worth the effort, there is a viewing platform and boat and kayak rental on the lakes and if you love fishing you can rent a bamboo with a hook and a few worms and see what you can catch,great for photographers and wildlife. We have seen many species of exotic birds including several species of sunbird, hornbills, oriels, monkeys also live in the forest. A trip on the boat over to the second lake, then a short walk up to the tree house for some great views and for photographs. For the more adventurous we can take a walk in the rain forest and see what wildlife we can see. A nice trip for one day to relax and explore.

Prices 2 pax p1,750 pp. 4 pax p1,500 pp includes entrance into the national park.

Tour 3: Birdwatching with an Expert Guide

Join us on a birding trip on Negros Oriental, we can take you to several different locations to see many different species of Philippine birds. Places we can visit are Lake Balinsasayo in the mountains, lake Balanan, Forest Camp in Valencia, Tanjay Mangroves for water bird species. We can also arrange your hotel or resort, please get in contact for more information and pricing.


Tour 4: Lake Balanan and Tambobo Bay

Lake Balanan up in the mountains behind Siaton, cool off in the fresh water swimming pools or take a wander around the lake and visit the treehouse set in a huge ballette tree. There is also a zip line for the more adventurous across the lake for a small fee. Take a canoe trip to the other side of the lake to visit the water falls in the forest and come back to the restaurant for a nice cold drink and a snack.

Tambobo Bay is a traditional small fishing port in a small bay near Siaton, there are several small resorts to stop at for food and a cold beer, my favourite is a resort called Kookoo’s Nest owned by an English couple with great food and coffee.

Lake balanan along the walkway.Cool water pools at lake balanan.

Tour 5: Japanese Shrine

Japanese shrine and Pulangbato falls is a nice trip which keeps you occupied around a half day. After learning about the WW II history you can cool down in the swimming pools at the waterfalls.If we have time there is always the Japanese and American museum in Valencia which has many artefacts from ww2.


Tour 6: Mabinay Caves and Niludhan Falls

This full day trip brings you to the heart of Negros Oriental. There around 400 caves at Mabinay but only 3 of them are accessible for tours, the best by far is crystal cave and its my personal favourite, there is also a cave with a hike of around 3kms you can see thousands of bats and the locals collect the guano for fertilizer, said to be the best fertilizer in the world! Also you can see the largest bats, flying foxes in a local village nearby.

We will then drive on a rough road to the spectacular Niludhan or Curtain Falls in Dawis  for some photographs, bring your swimming gear as the water is warm, for the more adventurous there is a ledge behind the falls, the local kids love to jump from here into the water.

Price 2 pax p3,500 pp.  4 pax p2,950 pp


When i first arrived in the Philippines all i wanted to do was explore and go and see places,what i could not find was anyone to take me to the wild places i wanted to visit  until I ran into Dave and Leah which turned a nice vacation into a unforgettable experience, Thanks !!

Jose Minervas

We are happy to assist you with the planning of the sightseeing & tours and all your needs for a great day. Of course we can combine and/or modify each excursion.